Christmas Interim Report

25.12.2012 – 15.30h


Time flies and Christmas passes quickly.

 So far I was rather busy, silly me :) All the last three days I prepared and precooked food, always washing dishes in between – and taking an occasional break for a cup of tea (as I don’t smoke any more).

Yesterday I peeled and cleaned chestnuts (1-1/2 h). Cleaning and chopping a head of red cabbage (2kg), some sour apples etc. and marinating them in vinegar and salt, Making the liver dumpling mixture by soaking sliced white bread rolls in milk, sauteeing finely chopped onion, adding parsley at the end, mincing lemon peel, grinding calf liver – mixing everything with my tall bare hands, adding salt, pepper, marjoram, nutmeg, egg and a few secret ingredients.

Cleaning my apartment in between – to feel like experiencing a holiday :) Listening to Bavarian mountain Christmas carols and music…busy, busy.

 And around 6 pm I went to “my” old house to take care of the cats and dogs that live with Maria now. And because of Christmas I had prepared something more special for them.For the dogs I had a huge pot of delicious beef soup, concentrated and full of taste, with Italian “Fusili” noodles and beef cutlets and lots of meaty bones.

The cats got freshly minced calf liver (as I had bought too much for my dumpling soup). They would not have cared so much about side dishes :)

Everyone present was very happy :) Apart from me! And I fear for the worst. But Christmas makes me hope for the best. Of the four dogs (one of the previously five dogs was shot by some neighbours when I was in Asia) only one, Baerchen, the black one, was present. Knopfi, Boiko and Belushka were missing. And none of them joined Baerchen and me when we did our usual walk around the area (which they do normally, when they are not at home because they need their freedom-break). I am not going to discuss this right now. Tonight when I go back there we will see more.

Also, of all the cats only Sissy, Rizhko and Spotty were there! But that does not worry me. They are all beautiful and smart cats and neutered (apart from Rizhko). And there are some people in our area (women, mainly) that fall prey to their charm and feed them and even let them into their houses.

 So, Christmas started for me yesterday at 7.25 pm. When I came back to Pirin Lodge and Christmas Supper was ready (apart from the liver dumplings, which only needed to be put in the soup and simmer there for 15 minutes).

 With my stupid cold and my literal pain in the butt (from falling on my tailbone three days ago) I had decided that a warm bath would be the right thing for me to get me in the Christmas and relaxing mood. Therefore, after coming back I immediately went to our Pirin Lodge whirlpool (40 degrees C) turned on the bubbling programs and soaked in the hoit water for 20 minutes. Afterwards I ”decorated” myself with some nice scents (in this case “Santos”,” the Saint”, from Cartier – fits me perfectly, don’t you think) and put on some silk and cashmere stuff – to feel in a festive mood.

 Earlier I had invited an English friend who lives here in Bansko on his own (he is 5 or 6 days older than me) and who agreed to share my Bavarian liver soup :)

He brought a nice winter salad (apples, cellery, cream dressing) and a bottle of red wine. We had supper, philosophical discussions about Bulgaria and I tormented him with Bavarian mountain Christmas music. He went home at 11.30 pm and I watched some television before going to bed as well. Sadly, for the first time, I did not manage to talk to my sister. Her phone in Germany was busy all the time. But I did talk to my daughter Nina, the best woman on this planet!

This morning the sun was shining in Bansko and temperatures had gone up. Fortunately and unfortunately. Because it means that our snow is melting away. The snow that makes everything look so clean and beautiful. But it was a wonderful atmosphere looking out of my sitting room window. Like the peak of our “Todorka” (the skiing mountain) as seen from my balcony this morning.

After an idle breakfast with coffee, nearly 1 l of freshly squeezed orange juice, two soft boiled farm eggs, thinly sliced Bansko ham, buttered Italian ciabatta I felt GRAND, like going back to bed and sleep another round :) ))))  Hehe. But I had a rest on the couch and the recent newspapers instead.

 I also had some setbacks, though. My beef soup has turned slightly sour (just within two days). So, I have boiled the rest of my liver dumplings two hours ago and will be freezeing them individually. The “sour” soup will go to the animals. They do not mind.

I also have decided not to have my stuffed duck today. Tomorrow!  It will keep till then and give me a chance to relax more today. I still have to boil the marinated red cabbage and the chestnuts for the stuffing. And, of course, prepare the potatoes for the raw Bavarian potato dumplings.

Tomorrow is another day :)

 Now I am sitting on the sofa, drinking tea with Scottish whisky (I ran out of good rum), watching fairy tales on German TV (the usual Christmas thing – but I do love children’s fairy tales :) ).

Life is beautiful :) It all depends on what you make out of it :) You are the one in charge of your own life. No one else.

 Au revoir e a bientot,


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