Happy New Year to all of you!

Seems like I am slightly late with my good wishes.  It just so happens.

Writing a blog when you travel and experience new things every day is different from writing about your daily life in your very own environment. As it is your daily life there are very few new and exciting things that you find interesting enough to communicate to other people. In addition , in Bansko I am busy these days with Pirin Lodge being full with guests.

Not much has been happening since my last entry. I decided to end the last year not with a fancy champagne-celebration and foie gras variations – but I cooked myself a modest chicken soup – that I turned into my own idea of “happy eating”.

This is what I call my “Golden Broth” – and it is my key to the gates of heaven. Whatever I build on this is bound to lift my body and my spirits to the seventh level of happiness – no drugs needed :)

And the New Year started the same modest way that the old one ended :) Perfect for me.

This is the New Year’s view from my place to “Todorka”, our skiing mountain. I could watch people with my binoculars – but for what ? :)

I decided 2013 to be an outstandingly good year. I like the 13 at the end. Having been born on a Friday the 13th, the serenity of this figure gives me confidence and hope. All I need to do at the moment is to overcome the constant pain around my tailbone, the rheumatism that was re-ignited by my giving up smoking as well as the arthrosis in my right shoulder (that did not give me any trouble during the last few years and also awakened again only with the absence of cigarettes) that floods my right arm with pain and keeps me from using my right hand properly…minor items. Once I have dealt with them I will be flying to new horizons…

Till then, take care my friends…




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