Winter BBQ

Last night Ian, one of our Pirin Lodge owners, organised a “Winter BBQ” with proceeds going to Cedar Foundation and to Animal Rescue Sofia.

The funny part for “us” Eastern people was that the Western European people wanted to have the winter BBQ indoors :) Hehe. No problem.

There were about 25 people and seating was a bit improvised as we have no restaurant facilities at Pirin Lodge. It still turned out to be great fun and  everyone had a good time. Fund-raising was not as successful as I would have had expected but still! Some help for good causes! Thank you very much, Ian!

This morning most of Bansko is like an ice rink. It thawed yesterday but then towards the evening fierce, frosty winds set in and a lot of road surface is as smooth as a mirror and very slippery. Good that I won’t have to leave Pirin Lodge during the day.

Today I feel in better spirits, sitting on a plastic inflatable swimming ring not to put any pressure on my tailbone :) This way I even felt encouraged to have an extended breakfast with a classical French omelette, smoked salmon and ciabatta – and a litre of freshly squeezed orange juice.  Marvellous!

Later at 3pm I am going to have my weekly massage. And I decided to relax until then  instead of ironing the 20 or so shirts waiting in the wardrobe :) Later I may iron 2 or 3 of them to keep me going for the next few days…

See you guys :)





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