Bansko on a Saturday

For the last few days I have been planning not to cook tonight but to have some lovely Irish beef from Kildare at the Irish Harp pub – as long as it lasts.

Well, since I have spent my cash allowance yesterday at the Pirin Lodge charity event (organised by our valued friend Ian Holbrook) I won’t be able to afford the blue sirloin steak I was craving for but will have to settle for some roastbeef or something else less expensive. I will consult the executive chef at the Harp. I am sure he will create something rather tasty for me.

It’s always nice to have something to look forward to :)

Especially after a hard and stressful day like today, having to spend so much time in the morning in the kitchen to bake up some ciabatta, squeeze loads of oranges and whip up a classical French omelet to go with the smoked salmon, answering critical emails, checking if all traces of yesterdays party were removed, turning on the heating in some patrons’ apartment that were arriving later today, personally inspecting the water quality and efficiency of the blast nozzles in the whirlpool while waiting for my massage lady to arrive, then delivering myself up to 1-1/2 hours of her ripping my meat off my bones… with the help of the lemongrass massage oil I brought for myself from my last trip and the tropical jungle noises disc that I guard for such purposes…

Then striding back to my “loft” in my tent-sized Japanese gown (surely hand-made for Sumo-masters), with the looks and demeanor of Hercule Poirot on a mission, only to be greeted by a message from the reception that some Corsican nouveau-riche owner of apartment 24 wants me to look at some damage in his quarters! So, instead of slipping into my Cashmere home-outfit for relaxing I squeezed myself into the previously worn clothes and set off to inspect the apartment. Well, it turned out that he and his copains had made excessive use of the logs he had bought after he bought the apartment a year ago and heated the fireplace until the ceiling surrounding it came off. OK, I will email them an offer next week – as he, his girl and his friends are off to Hongkong and then Thailand tomorrow.

Returning to my apartment I decided to iron on of the 25 or so crumpled shirts in the shirt wardrobe to have something to make me sociable for my Irish Harp night and the beef.

That put me under pressure with the five o’clock tea. I managed, however, to make a pot of Ceylon “Black Bird” tea (fruity and with little acid) that goes well with a tiny shot of Havana Club Anejo Blanco with its fresh sugar cane aroma. I refrained from eating some of the Christmas biscuits or chocolates that I bought at “Lidl” in Razlog the other day at a 50% discount (Christmas being over) with the tea. They might have kept me from enjoying my beef tonight.

Incidentally, my friend Crispin, has his year-end/year-beginning company party at the Irish Harp tonight and last night he invited me to join the drinking. So, I have to stop now to organise transport there – as it might turn out to be a heavy night.

Which I basically cannot not afford as I am supposed to be in the village Dobarsko tomorrow morning to assist the priest in the celebration of St. Jordan’s day…but that’s another story…

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