Dissecting animals that you are going to eat (even if it is only a calf’s head) provides the open mind with an archaic satisfaction, a feeling of being embedded in the nature of this planet and the life-cycles of its creatures.  Fortunately, a part at the top of the food chain. Lucky me.

I am not going to talk about the respect that I hold for every animal on earth because I have done this many times in the past. It is all very simple: if you want to eat meat, an animal has to die. I can accept that because (apart from the vegetables) every creature on this planet feeds off another living being. But my supposedly superior brain forces me to pay respect to those creatures I eat. And not to buy meat from supermarkets or other vendors of mass production. Yes, I can kill an animal and, yes, I can cut it apart into proper pieces but no, I cannot tolerate the way we humans treat the pigs, chicken, cattle and so on that we “produce” to have meat on the table. My animals are supposed to have a decent life.

The calf, whose head you see on the picture, comes from a village called Cherna Mesta. It lived a pleasant life being together with its mother until it had the bad luck to be slaughtered. The reason why the calf was slaughtered was because the farmer, a poor man, ran out of hay to feed the cow and its sibling until the snow melts and fresh grass becomes available. So, to save the cow he sold the calf as his family depends on the milk from the cow for survival. Rather simple and real.

And this is how I try to lead my life: real and straightforward. Nothing more to be added for today.


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