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Since a year and a quarter Bansko has a new “government”. The “GERB” party took over Bansko – like they did in many provincial and other towns at the last local elections. Before then Alexander Kravarov guided Bansko for 8 years. He is from the VMRO party (“Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organisation”), a small and nowadays irrelevant rightist outfit that can only survive in such traditional places like Bansko. Kravarov stood for tradition  – and was supported by the Socialist Party as well as the rightist democrats, at the time when Bansko went through the biggest transformation in its history. Georgi Ikonomov, the new mayor, stands for change. Time will tell what the future will hold.

Since the moment I arrived in Bansko and fell in love with it I was always concerned about its future. I want Bansko to keep its identity and to blossom. And, of course, I have a vision and ideas how this should be accomplished. Which, unfortunately, does not coincide with the views of the people in power. Because I look at things in  a neutral, pragmatic way and have absolutely no own financial or other goals. I do not want to go into any details here or to become political. It is clear that I am not everybody’s darling in Bansko as I am too outspoken.

I have been thinking many times since my return from Asia to use my little blog here to air my views on current developments affecting the future of Bansko. I am not sure, however, if I want to make more political enemies than I already have . But then,?! Give me some more time to ponder.

Back to the subject of food :) I concluded my calf “adventure”. The tripe cooked, partly eaten, partly frozen, partly fed to the dogs and cats. The meat of the head portioned and frozen. The tongue frozen separately to provide a nice intermediate course (probably in hose-radish or Madeira sauce) at some future dinner I will cook.

The brain on a plate waiting to be eaten for breakfast tomorrow, just salted and peppered, dipped in flour and beaten egg, fried in butter. It will probably be too much for breakfast for me so I will try to push it on my staff as well :)

Boiling the calf head yielded about 35 litres of excellent bouillon. Which will be frozen in these bags. If I find enough space in the three available freezers :) To be used for me , the dogs and whoever.

Sometimes people look at me as if I am crazy, preparing masses of food for a single person, quantities that not even a couple could master. Very simple: I want the real stuff, quality! And in terms of meat this comes not from the shops, portioned and ready to cook. It comes from a farm as a whole, sometimes big animal. And it requires devotion, work and creativity to pay the right tribute to this dear animal that gave its life, by not wasting anything from its precious body but transform it into something delightful that make this animal’s life meaningful in an otherwise rather meaningless world. And it it’s only for a moment or two. Because you and I won’t be remembered much longer once we die :)

Let’s not become too philosophical tonight and conclude this entry with a picture from today’s relaxed view from my sofa:







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