To eat or to diet?

The proof of the cooking is in the eating, or so. So, a few final words about the calf adventure.

Late breakfast was with toasted baguette and breaded brain:

A very light and pleasant dish :)

Late supper consisted of another round of my tripe soup:

I know that many of you shiver from the mere thought that your mouth might get in contact with such a “disgusting” dish.I do feel sorry about you, because you limit yourselves. But everybody according to his own taste…

This shkembe chorba tripe-soup turned out the best I ever made (and ate). I cannot think of even any Asian dish that would have given me more pleasure! It was the quality of the ingredients and a felicitous blend of spices and ingredients that made this soup so special. A generous addition of Ricard was a lucky pull and the special white wine vinegar for the garlic helped as did the dried Thai chillies and the fresh coriander. No dope needed for this to blow your mind :)

There was also a maybe unusual ingredient with the tripe (I am not so sure if one would count it as tripe):

Any idea what organ of the calf’s body this might have been?

Maybe this will give you ideas:

Suffice it to say that it was tasty and blended in well…and that the calf was female ;-)

Now I will chill out a little as I have to go to Blagoevgrad tomorrow…


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