Walking on Clouds…

Tonight I am walking on clouds.

Last week was slightly more stressful than usual. My car is in Blagoevgrad for repair and Maria was in Sofia. Which means I had to look after the critters. Now, Pirin Lodge is at the Southern end of Bansko and the house at the Northern edge. And no car ;( Well, I survived as you can see and since Maria came back tonight I did not have to feed the animals and  was able to stay at Pirin Lodge all bloody day :) )))

I forced myself to remain in bed till nearly 10 am, had an extensive breakfast together with yesterdays papers. Then I idled the time away till my massage appointment at 3 pm, answering less important emails that had been waiting, settling accounts between some foreign banks and generally getting my life in order.

At 3pm I had a modest two hour massage – and my body was transformed into something that I would expect my son to feel like (if I had one :) ) – or rather: I am feeling like in my twenties. I know that this is only temporary, sadly. But what a great feeling! And all without drugs, alcohol or whatever!

I am blessed, privileged and all the rest because I have such a great life – in fact, always had. In rags and riches. Freedom/independence and quality of life in all its varieties, good people around me…walking on clouds tonight, as I said. Listening to Marta Gymez (the Colombian singer) at the mo, drinking a 2006 Chardonnay from Targovishte that I used for cooking mussels with spaghetti

and which has become a bit “thicker” and sweeter since I bought it 5 years ago for Pirin Lodge but still quite pleasant,

desert waiting in the form of Bourbon vanilla ice cream with “rum plums” I preserved in 2005.

All it takes now is the doorbell to ring and the sexy lady that has been so keen on me for the last months to overcome her shyness :) I hope she comes with her car to take me to the Sunday market tomorrow :) ….



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