St. Patrick’s Day

How do you celebrate St. Patrick’s day when you a) are Bavarian, b) snowed in in a Hessian village in Germany, c) have no Guinness and all shops are closed because it’s Sunday?

Well, you shower but don’t shave. You search your wardrobes for a jump suit because you are not planning to go outside all day. And you explore your basement to see what kind of non-perishable food you have left to drum up something to eat that is compatible with a cold snowy Sunday.

I found some small green lentils from Puy (my favourite ones), with a “best before”-year imprinted on the package that I barely remember. A small jar with preserved lamb stomachs, stuffed with minced bacon and veal tripes, some expired concentrated gourmet beef stock and some small bottles of white wine that I stock for cooking as I am not a white wine drinker. Since I am in Germany so rarely this one is an Australian Chardonnay still from 2005 :) .

What you see here are the lentils, a carrot and a celery brunoise, some Xeres white wine vinegar, chopped onion and butter.

As I have neither bacon nor cream I will just fry the onion in butter, add the lentils, fill it up with beef stock, add some Dijon mustard and later the brunoises. Half an hour and it should be ready. Then I’ll season it with vinegar, pepper and salt and butter cubes. In the meantime I will simmer the lamb stomachs for about 20 minutes. Voilá! Bon appetit!

As I am not hungry yet I will likely just prepare the lentils as I find they taste even better when warmed up.

The main problem is that it’s only 1pm and I am at a loss what to drink all day. A bit early for the heavy stuff. Maybe some tea and rum? Or better a bottle of champagne from the fridge downstairs? Or a bottle of light rosé from Provence? Or just plain apple juice (the only non-alcoholic beverage I happen to have in the house today)? Difficult, difficult! Life is not always easy on us…

Further investigations into the dimly lit cellars have revealed that there is no such animal as a light rosé left. I wonder who drank it all? This makes the choice easier. And I can share the bottle with the one person who I know likes champagne most: ME :)
A pity that no one cares to polish the silverware in my absence, though…


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