Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon…

Champagne was definitely the right choice for a Sunday afternoon on my own. But then: when would champagne ever be a wrong choice ?!

I have become such a modest and humble consumer that the bottle lasted me about 5 hours! I would not have believed taht if somebody had told me :)

Now dinner is about ready.
The little packages of lamb tripe stuffed with minced pork belly and veal trip are not for the faint hearted Westerner (if he is not from the French countryside where the recipe originates). They smell unmistakably of tripe :) …and of the not too-well-washed kind – just the way they should. In honour of St. Patrick’s day I “refined” the sauce with a little bit of Jameson whiskey..

The lentils (now reheated) are divine. This little buggers from France are very capricious and you have to watch out. In contrast to your regular big brown stuff they want to be looked after precisely. If you cook them too long for just a few minutes and they become too soft they lose their wonderful tender crispness (and part of the flavour). It’s a little like with cooking pasta. The difference between “al dente” and the stage beyond is huge. I hope my British friends realise that. Because I have come across some of your countrymen who believe that “al dente” means the stuff should stick to your teeth :)

Dinner time now. Talk to you later…

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