It looks like I am no good at writing about life in Bansko. Probably my life is so busy and intense there that I have no time (and desire) for sharing…

Now, however, the countdown is ticking and on the 25th of September I will be on my way to Asia.

This year I am trying a new “scheme”. For the first time I will go back to the same country twice in a row. Vietnam is so much like Bulgaria for me that I feel entirely at home there, despite that the people look and talk different. So, I decided to use it as a base for travelling to other parts of the region.

I have contacted several property agents in Hanoi and I rented a nice small apartment in a quiet little side street in the Dong Da district of Hanoi. From September 26th till November 30th. I like Dong Da because it’s a completely Vietnamese neighbourhood without expats or tourists. I have a market and all other necessities close by. The plan is to rent also a motorbike – but this I will do once I am there.

This base will allow me to travel light to other destinations for shorter periods of time.

In fact, I can also put up friends, if any of you should decide to come visit Vietnam :)

I am currently in my new flat in Munich organising and preparing things.





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