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Arghhh…stranded in Germany. At 10 degrees C (during the day) – and permanent rain. This even makes the fact that all the supermarkets are already stuffed with Christmas items tolerable. Somehow the Munich shops have got it slightly wrong, however. Because they are also heavily advertising the biggest beer festival on the planet, the Oktoberfest. And while in one part of the shop (Aldi, Lidl included) it’s all about gingerbread, cinnamon chocolates and so on, in another part there are big signs with the Bavarian blue and white rhombuses, advertising special Oktoberfest beers, pork knuckles and whatever else the creative sales people can come up with!

I am just not so sure if the victims (say: clients) can cope with these conflicting messages. But probably since they are used to multitasking in these modern times (surfing in the internet while watching TV and so on) they are also capable of switching between different emotional statuses with a blink of the eye ?! While none of these messages have any meaning or value left apart from inviting people to have a “good time”. And, of course, every food that is sold here these days is labelled “premium” (the premium being an extra-fat margin for the distributor (not the producer, be sure!). With the dominance of only four retail food groups in Germany (Aldi, Lidl, Edeka, Rewe) the industry has become similar to the car parts supply industry. There the big manufacturers (Mercedes, BMW, VW and so on) dictate the price for the parts – and in the food sector it’s the giant retailers that command the price for the suppliers…well, being an old stock market analyst, I could write a book here now – but that’s not what this blog is about.

This blog is about fun! About the good things in life. My life mainly :) As a reminder that everybody can have a great, happy and satisfying life, whether he/she has money or not.

Because true satisfaction comes from other people, not from things you can touch or buy. At least for people like me that are emotional and get their kicks through their minds.This includes my lust for good food. All sensual pleasures go through the brain, don’t they?!

Well, here I am now, cuddled up in my unfinished guest room/”office” in my tiny apartment in Munich (only 80 sq. m.) with a view to my garden (when it is not dark like now), sipping some excellent Bulgarian rosé wine of which I brought 5 litres, thinking summer would stay with me, instead of drinking heavy red mavrud – or a wee bottle of my remaining Bordeaux. I have to sacrifice because in 12 days I will bugger off – and when I return it will be real winter. I would not want the rosé to hang in for another year – it was not made for that.

On Wednesday my dear sister and her friend came visiting and I cooked one of my notorious “Schweinebraten” with “Semmelknödel”, and a “shopska salad” (without cheese) from the tomatoes of the Pirin Lodge garden. The two ladies had a great time but they could not cope with the 4kg of meat I roasted. Now I am forced to eat the rest all on my own. I hope to be able to finish it off tomorrow. The cold weather supports me in this.

I still have loads of tomatoes and peppers left. But I am fed up with the salad business. I am just waiting for the pork to be gone to whip up a Thai coconut fish curry in which I will use the tomatoes and peppers (or at least part of them). If that does not take care of my organic Bansko veggies I will  cook a Bulgarian “mish-mash”. This is one of the most awesome Bulgarian dishes – if the ingredients and cooking are right!

Enough about food – as I am recently on my very last stretch trousers! Giving up smoking in Vietnam last year has added to my diameter – and nothing fits any more. Yesterday I went to the Olympic Shopping Centre in Munich to buy a few new clothes to take with me to Asia. Experience showed me that while they have inexpensive quality cotton clothes in Asia – they do not have my size! Now less than ever! Better to supply myself here and then not to worry and just enjoy (cultural) life there :)

Of course, what did I see at the clothing stores and departments? Oktoberfest is coming up and everything is full with traditional Bavarian costumes and dirndls! Because, this is the law nowadays, every tourist or expat (which includes all Germans from north of the Danube) have to wear Bavarian “traditional” clothes when they go to the beer festival. Of course, these clothes have as much in common with our traditions as Disney World has with Neuschwanstein Castle :)

Modern times? Globalisation? Better times? Who cares? I don’t, because I cannot change them. I just continue my very own life according to the values and visions that I have. And, so far, I still find people who share my view on life – be it in Munich or Bansko :) Am I not a lucky s.o.b.?!

Sorry for this monologue. It was just for exercise. To get back in the writing mood before heading off to Asia :)

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