Election Blues?

I really don’t want to sound too serious but I have been watching the deterioration of political ethics in our Western world far longer than I care to. But maybe there never were any ethics and I was just younger and more naive and believed that there must be such a thing ;)

It is fun to watch, however. Especially these German elections now. As long as you spend enough time abroad not to consider Germany the centre of your universe :) It is high-class entertainment. The modern times media make it possible. I was touched by the CDU-clip “CDU celebrates the election results”:

The positive side of the clip is that it shows you very clearly how lonely Angela Merkel is. The fate of every good leader. A sign that Mrs. Merkel has grown into the role of the “Übermutter” and feels responsible for the country! And the lovely sign at the end “We remain chancelor. CDU” shows that women in Germany since long are “first class” and not  “second class” human beings any more :)

I have always had reserved feelings towards women in power. In fact, I have never even accepted women as clients in my investment banking career. Don’t get me wrong, I did not throw them out but I handed them down to my assistants. But I can afford that because I am not a politic :) Maybe just a pragmatic, disillusioned man who has his own view. We all know that women are stronger than men – by definition. And now this is finally accepted even in German society. I don’t believe that women do themselves a favour by standing in the limelight of power. But somehow, in our Western world, women come across more credibly, less corrupt than men. More authentic.

And this is what I am missing in politics: authenticity! You have a vision and you stand for it! And people (the voting herd) feel it! Populism will get you only that far. In times like now when things go rather well (for Germany). Well, enough of politics…

I cooked a Thai fish curry for my ex-wife last Friday. She did not like it that much and said “you have cooked better things”…fair enough! But I had bought a load of Thai herbs and veggies at my new favourite Munich Asian shop. So, I invited my neighbours for another Thai curry night today, to get rid of all the exotic greenery. I made it a red Thai chicken curry.

The sad part is that I should have started packing my bags today. The good part is that they enjoyed cooking and that my guests enjoyed my food…and Siegi, my man, delved two times into his cellar to retrieve some Bordeaux :) – I am so lucky to have such cultivated neighbours, am I not :) A bottle of “Essence” 2000 from “Dourthe”. One of the “new generation” Bordeaux wines that I have not had any connection to so far. I remember “Frères Dourthe” as a wine merchant company in my Bordeaux heydays. This “Essence”  had a very elaborate taste, heavy tannin despite its age, a full blend of aromas (you name it – the wine had it) – a wine made with the foremost technology of the new century, made by “artists” with a phd in oenology – not by old fashioned simpletons who grew into mastership by becoming alcoholics :)

The bloody wine shocked me. You know, the youngest Bordeaux wines I still have are from 1986 (the year of birth of my daughter Nina). After that I did not keep up to date with the developments in Bordeaux (could not afford to :) ). And for the last 15 years I have been focussing on Bulgarian reds! Merlot and Mavrud. This “Essence 2000″ (it did not say on the label but I guess it’s Merlot and Sauvignon) tasted like the godfather of up-market  modern Bulgarian red wines! Like we have them since maybe 2007, 2008. Boutique wines! But without a future. Too expensive for the Bulgarian market but not unique enough for the rest of the world! Well, enough of wine, as could continue forever.

The evening with my dear neighbours was lovely. They are maniacs like me. Sports and endurance – like me (well, cut out the “sports”)…I am just blessed! Having a tiny but sun-lit garden-apartment in Munich, facing  a park, the metro 100 yards in the other direction, 15 minutes to the very centre of Munich but living like in the country, peaceful, no noise, only birds. Great neighbours (not just the ones from tonight but the others as well) – and the next beer garden maybe 150 yards away! That’s what I call life!

I better go to bed now as I have a commitment to my good friend Jochen, a ruthless construction contractor from Frankfurt, to meet him at lunch at the Munich beer festival! Which means I will have to get all my bags sorted before, as I will be flying out on Wednesday morning and meeting a friend at the Oktoberfest does not guarantee you that you will be able to cope with your luggage afterwards…

See ya…!

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