Checking out the neighbourhood

When you are not on a tourist trip your rhythm of life automatically changes in Vietnam. Public life starts at 6am. That’s when you hear all the motorbikes leaving home. But by that time you are quite awake already as you will have been woken by some rooster’s cock-a-doodle-doo not later than 5.30am. You hear them even in the central areas of Hanoi :)

By 8 am the street food places are in full swing as the people who went to work at 6am are hungry by now :)  My apartment is in such a typical neighbourhood. A mixture of people who live and work here.


This is the entrance to my little side street from the main Cat Linh road:

The building with my apartment. I have a hairdresser downstairs and a beauty parlor next door :)

My sitting room area:

Kitchen/dining area:



I am posting pictures of my apartment because I have been ordered to by my caring sister. She wants to make sure that I spend my time in adequate dwellings :)

As you can see, Hanoi may still be socialist – but people have arrived in the 21st century here (not everywhere in the countryside, I agree). Of course, it takes some adapting. Priorities here are different!

People sleep on their floors in hot summers! No wonder, that the Vietnamese are the only ones that can produce 8cm mattresses that are harder than concrete! – I have to be careful when I sit down on the bed not to hurt myself! But that’s part of the package! Why would I come to Vietnam if I want to live like in Germany or Bulgaria?! That’s why I have declined to bring my “French press” for making coffee with me. Because I want Vietnamese stuff for breakfast!

And my little side street is full of street food restaurants. And all kinds of vendors. Here a few pictures:

The street as seen from the upper entrance:

The “big” veggie market on the corner…

Vendors, butchers and “restaurants” in our little street where people have noodle soups and other hearty things at around 8.30am here:

One of the things people my size definitely have to get used to is the size of the “stools” in street restaurants and bars…:)

Tomorrow I will tell you bout the essence of Vietnam…!

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