Pure laziness…

Today I did only the unavoidable.It was not hot or anything but I felt encompassed in such a thick layer of laziness that I could not break through it. Like a virus or so.

Only in the afternoon I managed to get dressed and get out of the apartment at least for a short stroll in our street.

From morning on I heard loud music from the street that to me sounded like Chinese. After half a day of it I had had more than enough and this was one of my reasons to go out: to check where this noise was coming from and what I could do against it.

I was quickly silenced when I realised that the music was part of the rites of a funeral that was going on all day:

In my mind I quietly apologised to the deceased and his family.

In a neighbouring shop a lady burnt bundles of fake dollars (also a common funeral practice) to insure that the deceased would have enough money for a good life where he was now. After the money paper sheets with golden print were burnt (some of them with pieces of leave-gold on them)

I watched all the action from a café, sipping my inevitable iced coffee:

Being the only guest the young and good looking waitress volunteered to sit at my little table and asked me if I would/could help her to learn some English. They are not so shy here! :) I tried to explain to her that I would be better qualified to teach her some French than some English – but she did not understand…:)

In the meantime the “restaurants” around us were beginning to prepare for the dinner onslaught and I strolled back home.

Now I am finishing the rest of my milk (I ran out of all alcohol yesterday) and will be going to be early! Having gotten up at 5.30am takes its toll…:)

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