Kuala Lumpur- Malaysia – First Impressions

Already when you make your way through the arrivals hall of the airport you realise you are not in “your” Indochina any more. People look completely different here. A bit rougher hewn, skins darker.

Once you are in the centre of Kuala Lumpur you start realising that you have probably come to the biggest melting pot of cultures on the planet. Chinese, Indian, Malayan, Thai  physiognomies, dresses, foods, the majority of women with head scarves – all mingled. A very interesting experience. Completely unlike New York or London where different cultures exist separate from each other. Here it’s all mixed up.

That was the first thing I noticed. Then came the food. Myriads of restaurants. And two major directions: Chinese and Indian. But the “Indian” dishes were mixtures with Malay recipes (I assume) – everything a mixture :P It made choosing a restaurant difficult.

Third came the “drink-price-shock”. Beer prices starting at around 25 MR (12 Leva – 6.10€) a bottle! Not to talk about prices for “hard” stuff or wine! So, I have changed my diet to mineral water :) A healthy change that will make me fit for my next round in Hanoi )

The amount of construction in KL (as everybody calls it) over the last decade or so must have been enormous. And it still continues. A mixture of all imaginable styles. Of course, the Petronas towers dwarf everything else. This is definitely the most impressive human construction I have ever seen in my life. Truly amazing!

Expect more…

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