KL – Is it Magic? Is it Madness?

KL is an extremely popular shopping destination. The number of malls and “shopping villages” goes beyond my counting capabilities. There are a lot of Australians, many Chinese, Koreans and Japanese but also people from Europe and especially the Middle East. The Arabs come predominantly in summer. One of the reasons why KL is so popular with them is that on one side, being Muslim territory, the Arabs feel at home and accepted while on the other side local Islam is very liberal and they can drink alcohol and do whatever they want here without feeling bad.

Personally, I find KL too expensive for shopping. Everything here costs more than I would have to pay on Amazon in Europe. And if you need the “thrill” of a mall: Bangkok is much more competitive. But people from Australia and the Middle East find it cheap here :)

Here is the view from my hotel room, of course right onto the Times Square Shopping Mall:

Inside it’s all about Christmas, of course, in a Muslim country :)

Right next to the hotel was also a “lifestyle” mall – with hundreds of shops selling the latest mobile phones, laptops, GPS’… and accessories at ruthless prices

The only other mall I came close to was KLCC (at the Petronas Towers) because of meeting my friend Yavor and his sweetheart for dinner there:

So, if it’s up to me this side of KL – the shopping – is the madness part :)






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