Good Bye Hanoi

Today is the day to say goodbye to all the nice things in Hanoi. Tomorrow morning I will be flying away

Chicken noodle soup for breakfast today (as I MUST have a last Pho Bo (beef noodle soup) tomorrow at 7am or so.

Yesterday we ate all the stuff from the fridge (3 beef filet steaks for me breakfast and another 3 for dinner), squid with lemon grass and chillies for lunch. The only things left is 1/2 box of “Fanny” durian ice cream – one lime and two bottles of coke to water down the rest of the Captain Morgan.

A bottle of Ricard, some red wines and other long lasting items put into “storage” for my next visit.

I am lucky that I am so disciplined that I did not buy anything in Hanoi in the last 2-1/2 months. Otherwise I would be screwed with the luggage. Well, I do have some new stuff: a thick Malaysian cookbook and about 2kg of ready made sauces that some friendly people in KL bestowed on me. And I don’t know yet how to transport this  Maybe I will check out this afternoon how much it will cost to ship the sauces to Germany and send them by post if it is affordable…

Ah, and I also have to turn in my squeaking but trustworthy motorbike today. I did not use it as much as I anticipated but it was a must have item. Gave me the feeling of independence.

Tonight it will be dining out. Not in one of the fancy restaurants but in a street restaurant in a little side alley in a god-forsaken area, 15 minutes from my apartment. Goose soup with coagulated goose-blood ,and goose salad and, de facto, all different kinds of goose-stuff

From tomorrow on it will be all Thai!

I had a great time here. But everything, including life, is temporary. I enjoy it as long as it lasts but I am also ready to let it go. There are always new things on the horizon…


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