Welcome to Hua Hin, Thailand

The trip from Hanoi to Hua Hin lasted longer than anticipated. The morning flight to Bangkok was OK and immigration and baggage claim were a breeze, as always at this nice airport.

I had booked a car in advance and with the voucher had received wrong information about where to find the representative of the rental company. So, this delayed thing already a bit.

What was more annoying was that I got stuck in Sunday traffic in Bangkok due to the massive protests against the government…but listening to an audio-book kept me calm and relaxed.

And I made it to my hotel just before sunset. That was a pleasant relief as I am not hot on driving on Thai roads in the dark where you meet all kinds of vehicles without light and where the sides of the roads are not marked. In addition I was rather exhausted. And the reception at the hotel was very friendly and the room quite nice.

That’s where my luck ended :( For whatever reason, Buddha seems not pleased with me. On my way from the car to my room I tripped on the dimly lit garden path and – fireworks of pain in my head. The knee! Since then I am suffering – very badly.

So, I had to go out and buy some Sang Som and coke to wash down the Ibuprofen pills I had bought a few days ago in Hanoi. And I walked 100m along the beach and bought some take-away “dinner” to have on the terrace of my room…

A selection of three skewers with squid which they grilled “on the spot” for me (5 Leva or 2.55€ in “real money”)

And from nearby a Som Tam salad (green papaya) – hot! (2 Leva or 1.03€)

…and “rotee” as desert:

After that I had to soak in the pool a little (of course long “closed” at that time, but who cares)

And with enough alcohol and pills I could even sleep well….




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