Hua Hin Food!

The reason why I flew to Thailand for the last few days of my stay in Asia is of course the food. And the reason why I chose specifically the Hua Hin area, where I know every bush and every stone by now, is the abundance of seafood there.

So, yesterday I suffered during the day at the pool and a little at the sea. I am in fact not in Hua Hin directly but in Cha-Am, about 20km before Hua Hin. I wanted something new, a change. And I stumbled across this hotel at the Cha-Am beach by accident. It has good ratings on Tripadvisor (probably that should have kept me away :) ) – and I had a back and forth email communication with the manager about the room price  which ended in me getting a good rate :)

To Hua Hin it’s about 15 minutes by car. I decided to go earlier as I wanted to check out a few things at a Mall in Hua Hin. There, of course, I could not get what I wanted at the price I was willing to pay but it did not make sense to return. Sadly, there was no parking near the night-market – despite that the market was still “non-existent”. I parked far away and thought: slowly I will crawl through the side streets to the market area – and maybe I will have a beer there before the market starts.

It was indeed a slow crawl and when I reached the far end of the market street I came across that section with all they tailors, jewellery shops and massage places. But no beer bars. I passed an old fashioned massage place with the elderly, skinny master sitting outside on a bench and a younger edition of him doing a foot massage inside. The man saw me limping along and offered me to sit next to him for a while. In fact, I had already slowed down when I saw him, because I know a professional when I see one :)

After a short “chat” I asked him for a foot massage. One hour. I think he did not grab what the exact problem with my knee was – but his massage removed the constant pain in the knee and basically whole leg as the pain spreads up to my thighs and down to my feet.

So, I limped happily in the direction of the night market which by now had started to operate.

What was the first thing I bought? Well, I saw a new ice parlour and as they had durian ice, I could not resist buying a cone. Silly me! As I was on the way to dinner I should have taken one scoop only and not two…

Now, this is where the fun starts: the Hua Hin Night Market. Every day. Many stalls with clothes, bric-a-brac and Thai crafts. I have stopped looking at them quite some years ago as I have seen it all and never buy anything.

But passed this lies food heaven! The second half of Dechanuchit road is full with food stalls and restaurants. My turf!


Crispy chicken skin:

Delicious seafood soups with your choice of noodles – or rice:

And, of course, seafood…seafood…seafood:

Just look at these “monsters”:

A 2kg-plus lobster:

I used to have a favourite restaurant there with a gorgeous cook. But he left them 5 years ago or so and since then I don’t like the place any more. But 4 years ago or so I have found an alternative: “Moo Seafood” – a completely mobile restaurant. On the side-walk. During the day you would have no idea that it exists.

What I also like is that they display all their veggies that go into the dishes and don’t only brag with the biggest crayfish.

The man in yellow and the one on the right are the team of chefs. The yellow one prepares and chops everything and puts it in little bowls. The other one handles the wok. Look at their excellent mis en place!

As I had had too much durian ice cream I only had a modest dinner.

“Drunken fried fish with chillies” as a starter:

A luke-warm “Spicy Oyster Salad” as a follow up – and, boy, when they say “spicy” they mean it :)

After ordering my second Chang beer and browsing the menu I decided on something “little and light”: a fried soft-shell crab in Thai-curry:

This is MY kind of food! The type that I call: forget about everything else food. Sheer passion. For this stuff I travelled al the way. I just hope my leg will carry me through the next few days!





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