Fish? Yes!

When I came home from Hua Hin last night the road around the king’s summer residence was beautifully illuminated…

…but just as I was passing there the pain in the knee set in. Stronger than ever. Sh…! Obviously the massage was not the best possible thing for my leg! Fortunately I have enough medication for an ox and it even still works. Otherwise I would not have slept at all.

It was a nightmare to drag myself up and down a few steps like a limping snail to breakfast this morning. Therefore I sat there for a long time :P Today they even had a pork soup with glass noodles. Reminded me of Hanoi :P Different spices here, however. Celery stalks e.g…

I also spent more time at the pool because it was just too much to go back and forth. I only left once the pain become unbearable again and I had to go back to my room for the pills.

After recovering somewhat I went for a little excursion by car along the sea. Here is the Cha-Am fishing village, or rather the port with its hundreds of boats:

Mhmmm…lobster and crab traps :)

This is where all the good stuff comes from. So I have decided a change in plan!

I will skip the Hua Hin Night Market tonight – also because I am afraid of having to walk far. Instead I will go to the centre of the Cha-Am fishing village and indulge in some seafood there. I am sure that the preparation of the food will be very simple there – unlike at my “Moo” – but, hey, I can survive that – since I can park the car right next to the restaurant, I guess.

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