No more experiments!

My excursion to the fishing village last night was disappointing. The place was dead. Only a few big restaurants (I am sure they are packed on weekends with the Thai from Bangkok) were open. A look at the menu sobered me up. A very small choice of dishes and more than bold prices!

In the end I stopped at the last restaurant in the direction of my hotel and out of desperation I had some squid with garlic.

It was supposed to be fried squid – this one is obviously deep fried and consists only of tentacles. A few carrot and cabbage strips are on the side as well as the typical Thai tourist-sauce…

Today it is back to the Hua Hin Night Market – and until I leave.

Out of desperation I stopped at a food stall on the way home and had a little soup. At least that left a pleasant sensation in my stomach.

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