Special Thai massage!

I see some of you grinning, mumbling something like “happy ending” and so. But no! When I say “special” massage I mean especially good and effective.

The other day I had a foot massage from him – that did not help me knee but was good for the rest of my leg(s). Yesterday I had some time on my hands and decided to have a one hour Thai massage with the same man. He has staff, of course, but I insisted on the boss himself – maybe a mistake ;)

The man is a “health therapist” and nobody has ever treated my body as cruelly as him! His reflexology concept requires pressure – and he applies more than you would expect from such a petit man. But his hands are made of steel. He crushed my body piece by piece – and after every one of his grips it was such a relieve when the pain subsided, hehe, that for the first time I got an idea what turns the masochists on.

Despite this my body feels great today. Not even sore muscles. He knows what he is doing – and I will be back today for a two hour massage :)

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