Last night in Thailand / Asia!

All good things come to an end.

Time to go home to the countries of pork eaters. It will be heavy winter food there, oh my god! How shall I survive? What shall I eat?

The last dinner in Asia for a long time tonight – in Hua Hin at the night market!

Fried fish with morning glory and green pepper. Mhmmm…


Prawns in tamarind sauce and cashew nuts. Not hot – but the tamarind gives a sugarless sweetness that even I like very much…

Simple squid in a Thai curry.

These three dishes plus two Chang beers nearly ruined me. I paid 480 Baht – about 12€…:P

I will miss you so much, my beloved Thai food. I will even cry into my cushion for Vietnamese food.

Talking about Vietnamese food: look at these monster lobsters. I have never seen such giants anywhere. You should know that it takes them about 40 years(!) to reach such sizes.

There are no such animals left in Thailand. Nor Europe nor along the US shores! I talked to the restaurant owners and it turned out that they import them from Vietnam! There they still have because so far the demand for lobster was not so big. Well, another two to three years and they will also be history in Vietnam. Sad – but inevitable :( They sell them for 1400 Baht per kg ( less than 35€) I did not eat any – out of  sheer respect for their age and because I do not want to support the mindless exploiting of the oceans without thinking of tomorrow.

But then, I may be a lunatic. Maybe the permanent intoxication of the seas by the Fukushima reactors will destroy/alter the life in them anyway within the next few years?! Better eat these lobsters now as long as they still exist ;) !

I have nearly finished the last bottle of Sang Som and coke. Now I will go for the last night swim in the “closed” pool and then retire. Tomorrow is another, the last, day…





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