Preparations for the trip to Asia

Recently the days in Munich are turning increasingly grey. There is some fog now every morning. The leaves are turning – but slowly as it is quite wet.

This, however, does not make me feel sentimental but makes me feel good. Because next week it’s time for new encounters and adventures.

The last week or so I spent most of my time reading about China. To prepare myself for this year’s first stop on my annual Asia tour.

When we look at some foreign countries we usually believe that we know “a lot” about them. From reading and TV (some of us maybe from school) we know something about the country, its history,development, paysages, cities, cultural monuments etc and from the media we learn about its current events.

But when we are actually there and start to really interact with those people, many of us are torn between enthusiasm and rejection. Because we realise that while these people may look like us or be dressed like us their culture is different. And in that different culture there are other rules for the structure of your existence, indeed people live according to a completely different system of values.

I am interested in finding out the details. What’s the position of an individual in the context of society? How are men and women interacting? What’s their education like and what importance does it have? Which hierarchies exist? How do people behave in public and in private…etc…

And that’s exactly what makes travelling so fascinating for me. I love people, and I want to know what makes them tick.

Of course, 7 day in Beijing opens only a small window in the best case. But you have to start somewhere.

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