Bananas for Kings

Nobody in Vietnam (or other Asian countries) would touch those huge Cavendish bananas that we are used to and which are produced solely for export to Europe and the USA. Because they have next to no taste. They are harvested green and ripened artificially in their destination country. And protected by the “Geneva Banana Treaty”.

Apart from that there are over 400 different banana species, most of them completely unknown in Western countries.

The “standard” bananas on the Hanoi market are much smaller, and currently these here are in season:

They have a fragrant flavour of apple and the finest ones also a little of honey. Meaning to say that “real” bananas actually have their own different flavours :)

One interesting thing to know is: when you buy them freshly harvested their skin is thick. They do keep quite well, in fact. And when you finally eat them their skin has become considerably thinner as it has been nourishing the banana inside.

Once you are hooked on fresh Asian bananas it takes you a long “cold turkey” period until you are ready again to eat a “Cavendish”!



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