Let the Weekend do it slowly…

While during the week the street is very busy after 6am, today things are relaxed and peaceful.

People sleep in and there are no motorbikes or vendors to be heard. Just the right time to have your coffee on your own, contemplating life.

This is the typical Vietnamese coffee machine – you make the coffee cup by cup.

And the Vietnamese make a strong coffee! In Germany you would say: da bleibt der Kaffeelöffel stecken (the sugar spoon sticks in it) :)

Did you know that Vietnam is the third biggest coffee producer in the world?! They have some fine highland stuff also! And they roast their beans in a different way which gives the coffee a different, very intense aroma…

Last night was “health food”, diet night. Clams. Add a little lemongrass and steam them for a few minutes in a pot. Without anything else! Superb.

But, of course, here they are readily available and we only paid 20,000 dong at the market yesterday (1.50 Leva/kg).

A Vietnamese chef’s trick to clean those little clams is to put them in a bowl of water and add some chopped up very hot chillies. This will make the clams believe they have dirt inside and they will open their “mouths” and spit out the sand. So the chef says. And I saw it – and there was no sand in the clams :)

How about a fresh, light breakfast of glass noodles and bean sprouts? So simple and so yummie!

Of course, with freshly squeezed orange juice. Don’t let the green colour lead you astray! These here have a lovely aroma!

Have a beautiful day!

You can rest but we have to consider shopping for lunch and dinner now :)


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