Happiness – is it all Crab?

In the morning My went home to her apartment for some household chores – and because she prefers to do her shopping in “her” local market where everyone knows her and she gets the best quality and prices.

I stayed at home because a) I am a lazy bastard and b) because I am not a good passenger on a motorbike with a driver who is less than half my weight. I have not rented my own bike yet…but will do so on Monday, I guess.

During her shopping she met some old friends of mine and invited them to join her and come see me.

Here is one of them:

In fact, she brought a couple of them.

And also some of those blue fellows:

Beautiful, eh! All of them very much alive.

Recently I have been daydreaming about our trip to Japan and that the crab season will start in November in North-West Honshu. Stupid me! I have crab here as much as I want! And at 280,000 dong (21 Leva/11,50€) per kg I am sure cheaper than in Japan! The blue crab is only 230,000 dong (17.50 Leva) per kg.

I had one of the big ones for a healthy lunch today. Steamed. No side dish :)

The others went into the freezer…one as a snack for each day modest as I am…

That’s what I call “Happy Weekend”!

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