Simple food – the best food?

Last night’s dinner was a marvel of simplicity: a vegetable soup.

Its taste, however, heavenly.

Only three ingredients in the soup: white cabbage, “winter melon” (a green long veggie that looks like a gigantic cucumber) and a few pork ribs, cut in short pieces. Boil this with fresh ginger and a dash of fish sauce. Ready!

We cooked it for two days – but could not stop eating until it was finished :)

I had never seen the “winter melon” before in my life. Here they call it “bí đao”. In Germany it’s “Wachskürbis”. It belongs to the pumpkin family. And Vietnamese store it at home before the typhoon season because it can keep for months – in case ;)

At least for the soup you throw away the “middle part”. You only use the outer greenish part of the winter melon.




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