A day in the Life of a Hanoian…

I can’t say that life in Hanoi has become boring. Every day there is something new and adventurous.

This morning and in the early afternoon we had to venture out of our realm into the big wide world of Hanoi. And it is getting bigger all the time. In 2009 there were 6.5 million people. The current estimate is at 8 million +. More people than in all of Bulgaria :)

We were busy with such everyday tasks as carrying bags of money around to be exchanged in some dark passageways and me to finally pick up my Vietnamese credit card from the Vietcong, err, Vietcom Bank. Getting more and more local :) The bank considers me a valued and special client and gave me the highest credit card limit I have ever had in my life: 100,000,000 (one hundred million) a day! Wow!

OK, it’s Vietnamese Dong – but still about 5,000$ :)

That needed some celebration and I had one of those expensive Vietnamese ice-coffees at the curbside, watching the “flow” while My went somewhere to do something.

After being in a good mood now, I decided to visit my local coiffeur to get myself pimped up a bit.

50,000 Dong poorer I had to think twice if we could afford to go to the beer garden. But we did anyway. I like the young people that work there – and the beer and the peanuts. Beer here is more expensive than in my local pub last year: 9,000 in comparison to 7,000 – what can you do?

By the time we went home evening life had already started and the restaurants started to fill up.

Here is a view from the little bridge connecting our little island Truc Bach with the “mainland”:

These are soe simple eateries:

…and this a little “up-market” old fashioned Hanoi restaurant in one of our two backstreets:

Before checking into our home I stopped at the local pagoda to thank the Buddha for another wonderful day:

With the prospect of flying to Tokyo the day after tomorrow I drank the rest of my last bottle of Havana Club without regret. Am I not brave!

A simple and healthy dinner rewarded me for my heroism…

The scissors are, of course, for cutting the chillies :)

I have so become used eating “with a bowl” instead of a plate. You eat slower and much less and in fact you even enjoy the food much more as you can “pick” from different things all the time…

Now it’s time to call it a day – and to put the last layer of virustatic creme on my wounds…







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