Tomorrow will be an interesting day. I will see an old friend again. We have not met since 1980. I wonder if we will recognise each other again :) – Tokyo and me!

I was there “only” two times – in 1979 and in 1980 when I still lived in New York and had a Japanese girlfriend from Tokyo. It was a very serious relation with a very powerful woman – she was the first female stock broker in the history of Japan – and we were madly in love since we had met at an international Merrill Lynch get-together in London. And while we were together she either visited me or I visited her.

It was my first time in Asia – and Tokyo was a big culture shock for me! The whole life there! Also food-wise. It was a time when I still could not stand fish. And then in Japan! Horrible. But the sake went down well :)

Now, about 35 years later, I come back. A different person. And I am curious what Tokyo will be like now…

Tomorrow will tell.

Oh, if someone wonders what happened to my Japanese woman: if everything would have gone right we would have been married and happy ever since. But I was only in my late twenties and she too far away…and the streets of NY full with other women…I have regretted this many times because no other women can make a man happy as these old fashioned Japanese ladies (they don’t grow them anymore, I am afraid) – and I am not even taking about the erotic department. It’s an attitude thing. But no one can turn the clock back…

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