Will my everday life now be ruled by drab monotony?

I don’t know how you feel about your everyday life when you come back from a holiday. For me this was a nearly forgotten feeling as I have not been on a holiday in a very long time ;)

After all these exotic, even amazing impressions and experiences in Japan I have to adapt to my regular Vietnamese life again…

Don’t get me wrong, my life in Ha Noi is not bad and I am not complaining. It’s just that now that I am living the third autumn here my “passionate love” is gradually being replaced by a tender intimateness. A normal process like in most relationships.

What I do not like about such cases, however, is that one is establishing routines. And gets more and more used to one’s environment and a bit blind for the beauty and joy around. In other words: everything becomes taken-for-granted.

That’s why I have arranged to live in three “parallel universes”: in Bansko (where my core is), in Munich (where my cultural needs are being satisfied) and in Ha Noi (where buzzing life and good food turn me on). For my young age I am a rather experienced contemporary and my hunger and lust for learning and new things is still huge. In fact, this is (of course) what keeps my spirit young.

Some people see me as a hedonistic male chauvinist pig (maybe representatives of the female branch) – but that is utter nonsense. I consider myself a Bonvivant. Someone who makes the best out of every situation and lives happily all the time. I am at peace with the world and with myself :) That makes me also independent. As I have said many times: I do not know anyone who has a better life than me and I would not want to switch position with anyone even for a minute.

But back to the important matters.

The first dinner back in Ha Noi was very simple: pumpkin flowers with garlic and a little fried tofu…

- and – as a surprise to make me happy – three little crabs (one is being kept warm still).

When we were in Japan I just could not fork out the money for their crabs. Look at this here and the prices. The ones that have about the size of yesterdays Hanoi crabs cost 4,000 Yen! A piece! 54 Leva or 27€. My paid 120,000 Dong (9 Leva or 4,50€) for 3 live ones!!! Do you understand now why I just could not eat crab in Japan?!

Life is much simpler here than in Japan. Instead of this marvellous variety of breakfast items and feast for the taste buds (which takes you maybe two hours to prepare) we have only one or two things. Today it was hột vịt lộn – the standard breakfast egg.

It is a fertilized duck egg, hatched for usually 19 days. Boiled. You eat it with ginger strips and green leaves. Much “eggier” than our chicken egg business in Europe…

Now that I am well fed I will venture out to get some tickets for the European Music Festival that will start on Saturday in Hanoi and last for about 10 days. Mainly jazz.

Oh, yesterday I got some bad news: there is no Havana Club in Hanoi these days. The sole importer has given up on it, they say, as no one bought it! I just  have to leave for Japan for a few weeks and the bloody market collapses. Just my luck!

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