Crabby Deliberations

How to kill a crab humanely? I guess it depends on where you come from and on your social background whether you have an answer to my question.

Funny question, really. The combination of “killing” and “humanely” somehow does not sound right – if you are not an American politic.

Nonetheless, if I want to reach my goal (eating it) I have to deal with killing the crab.

As a Bavarian mountain yokel I came into touch with crabs relatively late in my life. And the then going method was to stuff them alive into a big pot with boiling water. Alas, that’s yesterday and considered cruel nowadays. But most people still do it this way.

This won’t work for me, however: my goal is to eat the crab RAW so boiling it is out of the question. I do have my own method but out of curiosity I googled this subject. Well, different people have indeed different methods – but I did not see any where the crab is instantly dead.

So, I will do it my way. As I have next to nothing in terms of instruments (not even gloves) my little Swiss pocket knife will have to help out. How “humane”  the killing will be I will be able to tell you only afterwords. But you might not even be interested in reading that ;)

I brought some dried wasabi from Japan and some good soy sauce – but I am not so sure if I want any distracting flavours when I rip the crab apart. A little sake on the side would be nice, however…

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