Breakfast surprise

Today I will be alone till evening. Poor me. My left in the morning to visit her sister in law and for some other tasks. Not without cooking me lunch at 6.30 am!

After she left I put on my Japanese house dress and had some coffee in peace. When, all of a sudden, My popped back in. You should know that we have an elevator (operated with a key card) that stops right in the middle of the apartment. That nearly gave me a heart attack. She grinned from ear to ear and said she had to come back because she had found something for me that I should get immediately.

In the kitchen she showed me two big crabs that she had found at the market. She began getting them ready for me to eat immediately. I had trouble stopping her and telling her that I wanted to have at least one of them raw. As a Vietnamese she does not fancy such exotic habits, in fact believes they are dangerous for your health. At least I was able to “rescue” one of the two beauties.

The other went into a pot with a little water, ginger and lemongrass and was dead and steamed within 2-3 minutes.

Both crabs were about 1/2 kg each – and expensive (bigger ones cost more per kg): 320,000 Dong per KG (12.20€ or about 24 Leva)

Not so bad for breakfast :)

This is the poor baby robbed of its legs and claws with part of its juice on the plate (the bigger part I have already sucked out. Not everybody likes the specific taste of the

internal crab liquid…but I do :)

It was like a fight with the beast! I was so greedy and lecherous that I managed to get my little finger in the nutcracker when I applied it to the legs/claws…:(

That was the fate of crab number one – and my breakfast surprise. I am a lucky man indeed…

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