Lazy in lousy weather

The last two days were the first in Ha Noi without me sweating. The recent storm brought cold weather of 16 degrees C today (and down to icy 13 C during last night). A nice break. My has already dug out her winter clothes…

As it was also raining we did not venture out much. Yesterday only for a breakfast noodle soup downstairs at 7.30 am (25,000 Dong for a big bowl = 1.87 Leva):

…and today I got myself a Vietnamese baguette sandwich (banh mi) with liver pate and other things in the morning (15,000 Dong = 1.12 Leva).

…not much else to do ;)

So, to escape the cold I booked a flight to Saigon where it will be 32 C today.  We will go there for 4 nights next Saturday. As My has never been there I will have to be the tour guide for a change :) That will be fun. I bet she won’t like the food there as the Southerners are known for using a lot of sugar in their cooking. But we will survive, I am sure :)

One slight problem is that according to Vietnamese law a Vietnamese person cannot share a hotel room with a foreigner if they are not married! But I was able to arrange that discretely…after all I am an experienced Bulgarian :)

Today I need to plug into an ATM. The limit at most machines is 2,000,000 Dong (about 100$) – even here not an awful lot. I have decided to wait till noon – because from there I can continue to my beer garden where I am planning to have some of my favourite foods for lunch…pork offals…

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