This morning My went to her own apartment to do some laundry and iron my shirts. I prefer her to do that out of my sight because I can’t stand watching people work while I am lazy. :)

I asked her to pass by her market and see if she can get me some pigeons – after all the crabs and squid recently. As she went there at 7 am she was lucky. Not only did they have pigeons – but pigeonneaus (damn, do I use the French “x” here or the English “s” for the plural?) -  anyway young pigeons, of the tender kind  :)

She bought me three for the incredible price of 50,000 Dong (3.75 Leva) for all of them! In France, nearly the only country where I can buy them in the shop they would be about 10€ a piece!

As we do not have an oven in my apartment I was planning to do them in a pot or in a frying pan. Alas, My is a professional chef, so, to please me, she roasted them already at her home and brought them back ready to eat.

That was awfully sweet of her, so I could not possibly complain that I want pigeons not more done than medium rare :( In the end they were, of course, still tasty this way, just roasted with a little salt and pepper. But they would have been even better rosé :(

I made some sautéed potatoes to go with them – and that was it.

As nobody was watching (My went out for some errands) I felt the atavistic urge to eat the pigeons with my fingers (and the potatoes also). I even chewed up and ate most of the crunchy bones, like the wings, the necks and so. A feast! Simple, primitive – “finger-licking” delicious!

Of course, I don’t refuse the delights of dishes like “Pigeonneau farci au foie gras et truffe noire” but nowadays I prefer someone else to do all the work – and when I cook to do it hardcore…

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