Last night in Peking – forever?

My last entry for Peking has to be about food, of course.

I just come back from dinner. Despite my cold I ventured out to burn a few of the Renminbis I have left (still from two months ago).

This was the upmarket Sichuan restaurant that I had chosen in the area:

I am sorry, but I cannot tell you its name.

They did not have any English menu, of course, and no one spoke English – but they had something very modern: the menu was on a tablet computer with pictures of every item and you could order just by hitting the add button when you saw something you like.

I ordered some tofu. The Sichuan way. I had had that recently in Ha Noi and I liked it. When it arrived it turned out to be a challenge. Because the tofu was cooked in a chilli sauce – and a hot one in addition.

I also ordered a “dzholan”, pork knuckle. What I could not ee from the photo, however, was that this baby also had been cooked in chilli oil with the addition of some spices that I have never encountered before – which made this part an even bigger challenge than the tofu, which came first and by now tasted nearly sweet in comparison!

By the time I had finished my meal my nose was running not only because of the cold!

Now I will take a hot bath and then watch some Chinese National Television. Hopefully to see Xi Jinping. I like this guy. He is cool, confident and relaxed. Much cooler than Obama when I see the two of them together and he definitely talks on eye level with him. Give another 5 years and he will be the most powerful man on earth…

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