Any feedback?

I noticed only now that the blog-design is in German. I hope this is the reason that keeps people from commenting. Or maybe the simple truth is that no one cares and I am doing this only for my own very vane ego.
As my internet provider is a German company I had to use their instruments to set up the blog. And, as always in life, you want to get some feedback about what you are doing. Which I do not get :( So, please, if you want me to continue leave some comment or other. Simply click on “Kommentar hinterlassen”, enter some name and Email Addresse and write away. “Kommentar abschicken” posts it. I don’t care if your comment is positive or negative (in fact negative postings might stimulate me even more, being the Bavarian-Bansko revolutionary)…

4 Gedanken zu “Any feedback?

  1. As usual Frank you give an insight into another culture and way of life. This blog is so interesting please keep writing .

  2. Hi Frank, yes you’re right I wasn’t sure where to comment, although to be perfectly honest I didn’t really put much effort into looking.
    I have been absolutely fascinated by your blog and extremely jealous of your travelling experience, especially the foods you’re trying, although I think you may have a stronger stomach than I do as I don’t think I could face the duck egg with embryo.
    You have some amazing photos too and I’m sure there are some spectacular views and scenes, from village life to mountains.
    Please keep writing as I’m lying in bed reading through your blog and trying to imagine being there.
    Hope you recovered ok from your spout of food poisoning, I especially like the sound of the tiger balm and ginger rub you had, l

    • Sorry pressed done before I had!
      As I was just saying, I presumed the rub helped you recover.
      Anyway safe travelling and keep up the good work, enjoy

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