Koh Lantra Yai

On Thursday we ventured to “Lanta” as most people call this island in Thailand. It was quite a trip. More than eleven hours from door to door. It takes you nearly an hour to get to the Hanoi airport from downtown by taxi. Then from Hanoi to Don Mueang airport in Bangkok, three hours later to Krabi and then another 2-1/2 hours to the island (including two ferry crossings).

We did not have luck with the weather so far. When we arrived it just had stopped raining and yesterday it was cloudy and very hazy. This morning it looks like it is improving. While I am having my coffee on the beach-front terrace of our resort restaurant the sky looks better (too early still to be blue) and the sea is much smoother.

It should become a nice day.

Yesterday we explored the island from north to south and east to west – and we had lunch and dinner in the two most recommended sea food restaurants of Koh Lanta. And were disappointed two times. Too sweet. They use sugar everywhere here! Very bad for my diet! But that’s a different story.

I have set up an online album with Canon of my pictures . But I have no clue yet how I can share them here. So, I will have to experiment a little before you can see the beauty of this place…bear with me :)


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