Koh Lanta Info

The Koh Lanta Yai archipelago was first inhabited only 500 years ago. By the “sea gypsies”, a tribe that supposedly came from Malaysia. 200 years later came the Muslims from Malaysia. They were the first ones to settle permanently. And so the island is still predominantly Muslim. No wonder as we are South of Southern Myanmar and North of Malaysia, with Muslims on both sides.

This makes for a slightly more colourful street picture. The main difference, however, is in the food. I underestimated the Malayan Muslim influence in the cuisine. They use sugar everywhere! Massively. Today I had a Paenang fish curry for lunch. Paenang curry in other parts of Thailand is a rather hot red curry. Here it is also red – but not hot at all and the main taste is that of sugar!

Yesterday I had “fish fried with chilli” for dinner. The fish came with a sweet chilli and in a sugary sauce…


One of the reasons why I came to Thailand for a holiday was to continue my diet – only now with seafood. The high sugar content of every meal here, however, will certainly make me gain weight! So, I am disappointed of the food. Not what I had expected.

The rest of the holiday is good. Now there is no season. So there are very few tourists and nearly all beaches are empty. As are the restaurants.

Only today tourists started arriving at our resort. The last two days there were only three other couples/families. The main season starts end of October, beginning of November. We will be back in Hanoi since long then :)


Tonight I will be heading for the local taxi drivers’ favourite hangout for dinner :)


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