Thailand = “sanuk”

Until I “got stuck” in Vietnam a few years ago, Thailand was my base in Asia. The place to start my trips to various countries.  The resting place in between two trips – and the base to charge my spirits and my taste buds.

Thailand (“The land of the free”) has never been a colony to anyone and the Thai are a unique and special people. “Sanuk” is their basis for living! “Sanuk” is often misleadingly translated as “having fun”! What it really means, however, is getting joy and satisfaction out of everything you are doing! Working, playing, everything! Which means: living consciously and involved in what you are doing.

This is difficult to grasp for Western people who are not used to (what in German we all) “Leichtigkeit des Seins” (the lightness of being) and tend to take everything very seriously. They would consider Thais rather lazy and irresponsible :)

Buddhism fits in naturally here – because it emphasizes the unimportance of your own being.

This attitude is also reflected in the joyful passionate Thai cooking. If I had to name one cuisine as my favourite it would have to be Thai! No other cuisine gives you such a scale of taste emotions that leave you happy and exhausted like good sex…

Sanuk – MY way of life!

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