Dissident? What else!

I am lucky to have been born into a democracy. Even a shaky one.

Because all my thinking life I have been a dissident. I have never agreed with the mainstream. That started with becoming a youthful activist for the (legally forbidden) Marxist-Leninist Party in Western Germany at the onset of the Vietnam War :)

And it included even my professional career as a stock market investor, where my success was based on being a contrarian.

How could I survive in a totalitarian system? Unless I would have been born as its ruler?

So, considering all the evils that are inherent in any political system (including churches) democracy is the most tolerable form of living together with other people. Churches are bad by definition as they are always totalitarian (with the exception of Buddhism).

But that, of course, is valid for me, not necessarily for the majority of other people :) The masses prefer to be told what to think and what to do. It makes their life so much easier…



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