Enlightened and calm…

This morning I am in a rather contemplative mood. Maybe because the soaring rain leaves my thoughts free to roam…

The not only physical distance to Europe that I enjoy every year for a few months is a blessing. It helps you to see yourself and the Western society around you from a different, not so “urgent” perspective. Which, in contrast, in makes you quite stoic – or maybe that comes to the thinking man automatically with age and experience? The deep knowledge that there has been further evolution of mankind and that human violence will always prevail – only on a different scale, now that technical capabilities for it have increased x-fold.

Even (and especially) in my intellectual friends I notice a false sense that our “enlightened” Western societies have overcome this human tendency to violence. Sadly, the situation is as John Gray put it so appropriate in his recent publication “The Soul of the Marionette – a Short Inquiry into Human Freedom”

“By intervening in societies of which they know nothing, western elites are advancing a future they believe is prefigured in themselves—a new world based on freedom, democracy and human rights. The results are clear—failed states, zones of anarchy and new and worse tyrannies; but in order that they may see themselves as world-changing figures, our leaders have chosen not to see what they have done.”

This requires a break now – so I can have my coffee and omelette – and you to accept the truth of that statement…


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