Snails on the table…

This morning we bought some snails (“ốc”) on the market. The smaller, firmer kind that are easy to clean. I don’ know their specific name. They are frequently used for a snail soup with noodles that is very popular for breakfast.

We had them for lunch (just steamed a bit with herbs in the pot) and a dipping sauce.

The dipping sauce is the secrete – and extremely hot. It is made of fish sauce, vinegar, ginger, garlic, chillies, sugar, herbs…

There are two choices to eat the snails.

In any case you have to get them out of their little houses. You use a toothpick or a needle or something pointed like that to remove the little lid they use to protect themselves from the heat of the pot and then get them out of their little house.

This is quite a task and therefore snails are the perfect diet food. They keep you occupied for a long time without you stuffing yourself.

One way to eat them is “one by one” and dip them individually. This way they will keep warm the longest.

If you, however, prefer to have a “mouthful” every time, you extract a couple of them from their houses, put them on a spoon that you then dip into the sauce and eat a bunch of them all at once…

I am lucky! Because I have a great helper. So, while I am fiddling around with one or two individual snails My prepares a good dozen at lightning speed…and I end up again stuffing my face…:)

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