Street sales…

Hanoi city is full with street vendors. They ride their bicycles or motorbikes at low speed through the residential streets. Most are equipped with a tape recorder and speakers that repeat permanently what is on offer. This goes on till midnight even. Things on sale range from fresh coffee to sticky rice with add-ons.

I am never quick enough to turn on my camera and go to the balcony to make a picture of them for you – but maybe one day :)

Apart fro the usual stuff this morning I heard to guys passing on bicycles. One of them was offering rat traps. The other one hat a few cages fixed to his bike and was announcing that he was looking to buy cats and dogs…You may guess for what purpose!

There are also always a lot of women in my street who settle on the narrow side-walks to sell fruit – like mandarins and oranges.

You could not imagine how many people are selling “something” here. About every family that lives on the ground floor of a building uses the entrance area as a shop :)

That makes everything very personal and charming.

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