Start of the Chronicles



I will call today, Tuesday October 13th, the first day of the chronicles.

I have started a diet at the end of March 2015, when my scales read a startling 120kg. By the end of August I had lost 30kg – but since then not much has been going on. The ultimate goal is to move to 80kg – which would be a total of 40kg weight loss.

This morning I was at 87.4 kg. I am afraid, however, that the scales I bought a week ago in Hanoi are not very precise So be it!

Let me show you a typical diet day in Hanoi.

Breakfast, as everything else, is usually fresh from the market.

Today it was a “banh te”, usually a rice “pudding” cooked in banana leaf with a stuffing. In my particular case it was made from “taro” (not rice) and the stuffing was minced pork.


My had also bought “ban ghio”, which is like a jelly from sticky rice that you eat with a kind of syrup. The taste is quite unusual but too sweet for me…

As you can see, banana leaves are the standard packaging material here…


For lunch I will have crab. My found a nice male crab, not too expensive (they are not cheap here). For 80,000 Dong (about 3.25€)…

As we buy crabs only alive this one came with tied claws…

As My is a very clean person the poor crab had to undergo a vigorous scrubbing. I was real glad it was not my turn!

Now it is sitting in the pot – waiting for lunch time…

To be continued…

Lunch time now!

If there is something like “Zen Food” it is definitely crab!

When you it crab the proper way you focus entirely on what you are doing – and it takes a long time. Because you value the crab and you will crack even the smallest hollow shell not to waste the tiniest bit of the crab’s meat :)

And after many years of crab eating you have, of course, developed a liking for the gooey stuff inside the shell, the brown mass that the Vietnamese separate from the crab and fry in oil – and which tastes absolutely wonderful…


A perfect diet dish :)

After a digestion break we went to the National Museum of Fine Arts to see mainly the “Folkloric Art” exhibition that was closed the last time I was there.

On the way home (we walked all the way) my feet and my back hurt and I decided to go for a “bia hoi”, a draft beer, before settling down.

This is my favourite beer joint – still empty as we were only – but filling up within 15 minutes after our arrival…

With the beer you always get a plate with boiled peanuts (boiled, not roasted). After you had them two or three times you start to prefer them over roasted and salted ones..#

At a certain moment I noticed that two men who had settled at the table next to ours were served with two small bowls – that very much looked like the bowl of blood tht I had for dinner last night at my duck place!

I had never seen blood at “my” beer place before and when we asked the neighbours they said that it was coagulated goat blood, and that the bia hoi restaurant had this every Tuesday and Friday only. Goat blood! Diet or not! How could I, the notorious goat killer, not try this? Here we go:

It’s only a small bowl. With peanuts and “Vietnamese coriander”…

Of course this made me order more beer. In the end we left the place with 4 glasses of beer on my diet list…

Now we are home and while I am posting this I am watching a football match between Vietnam and Thailand. After which we will have dinner…but about that: later :)


As I expected the Vietnamese did not win the match  and we proceeded to have dinner.

My cooked her stir-fried beef with “bun” (rice noodles) and tofu earlier and- being the well-meaning terrorist that she is, forced me to try her stuff…

The rice noodles are, of course, poison for my diet – but I love them :(

My own dinner consisted also of fried beef, with scallion and green pineapple…very tasty but I was not so sure that the “green” pineapple did not contain any sugar ;)

In addition to the above “bites” I had to eat 5 or 6 of the small and fragrant bananas during the day….I don’t like to eat them but My continues to buy them because they are so cheap – so how can I withstand…:(

Maybe today was not the right day to start the documentation of my diet…I pigged out a little…

My life is a drama – or was it a comedy? Well, I forgot. But it sure is worth living :)

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