More seafood in Hoi An

As it got later and “wetter” last night as expected I did not hear the alarm clock in the morning. So, instead of visiting My Son I spent most of the day in old Hoi An.

Nearly all the old houses there are painted yellow. And nearly all of them have shops.

Here is an embroidery shop where the girls slave away:

A rather big house. As there is a huge Chinese community here since the 16th century I trust it belongs to one of them :)

Chilling a bit with a “Bia Hoi”  in between and watching people pass by:

The old Japanese bridge – that separated the Japanese quarter from the Chinese.

Very laid back atmosphere:

Hoi An must the the capital of tailors. There are more than 200 of them – all willing and able to whip you up a suit within 24 hours. For as little as 150$. As I am wearing mainly Bansko peasant outfit these days I have no need. Nor for any souvenirs :)

Of course, I had another of those delicious ice coffees. In the North people drink mainly green tea. Here in the centre and to the South they love coffee – me too :)

I also got my trip organised – all the way to Saigon. Next week I will move to Hue for a few days, then one day to Danang and from there I will fly to Dalat in the central highlands. And afterwards to Saigon. Flights and hotels all booked.

Then it was high time for another visit to “my” fish restaurant. This time I had a closer look at what they had to offer.

Lined up along the wall they had about 20 different basins with all kinds of different live water creatures.

Today, again, I limited myself to three different dishes.

First: sea crab

As I had no clue about how to attack a crab with chopsticks I reverted back to my archaic method: with jaws and claws :) And no one paid any attention to me, luckily :)

After the sea crab came the river crab (in the back):

At 12.50 Leva (in comparison to 7.20 for the sea crab) the most expensive item on the menu. Because river crabs are much rarer. It was definitely worth the difference in price. The river crab meat is much more aromatic and while I get all carried away eating any crab (and silently go oh and ah and hmmm) river crab makes me shift in “delirious mode”…maybe my love for crabs goes beyond the taste even. Maybe it’s also the the primitive gnawing and sucking and the fact that you first have to do some hard work before you get to little pieces of meat that excites me.

For relaxation I had some easy to eat  fish grilled in banana leaf, with some finely chopped lemon grass and chillies!

I am a master of “cutting up” fish with chopsticks now – especially when it’s a fillet :)

I am having a small rice rakia for digestion “at home” now, feeling happy and relaxed. Life is a joyful thing , if you know how to make the best out of it :)


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