It’s now or never!

When I woke up this morning I decided to stop smoking. So I did not smoke all day.

Now I am suffering. And I don’t feel very talkative right now – and I am not in a good mood…! So, just stay out of my way…

4 Gedanken zu “It’s now or never!

    • Oh, Kevin! You still believe that you will survive? No one(!) survives life – hehe. But thanks for your support! How is it going for you these days? Any news?

  1. …can’t correct my comment. German system! Shite! Just wanted to tell you, Kevin: don’t follow me – lead me! Being all alone and without support (even sexual one) I need guidance…;-)

    • can not beleive you need a leader frank,all hell let loose here as that ass hole is banned from complex,
      first coating of snow on hills and overcast today.
      had my final test in uk so now waiting for date to have major surgery heart/lungs at papworth in cambridge.
      all good otherwise,stay of the cigs frank it will do you good and make you a better feeling so there will be no stopping you in the bedroom department.
      look forward to your return.

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