Sights of Saigon

Here is a selection of the “must see” places in Saigon:

The square in front of the central market of Saigon “Ben Thanh”

A park in the centre. With public fitness machines…

Life in the backstreets:

There is no lack of cabling in Saigon :)

Regular street life:

How about some duck for lunch?

One of the modern buildings:

Views at the Saigon River:

The first Grand Hotel in Saigon, the “Majestic” (from 1925):

The “Opera” (1899) – for many years the centre of Saigon society and behind it the first “skyscraper” in Saigon from the mid fifties, whose roof-terrace was described by the war reporters as “the splendid stage of dying Saigon”…

The “Vincom Centre”, a shopping mall. I have no clue what it looks like from inside as i stay away from such places as far as possible…

The former city hall, now the “People’s Committee” seat:

Notre Dame – for a long time the symbol of Saigon:

A group of school kids drumming on the pavement:

To a few of them they had given dangerous instruments which they used successfully to  torture the nerves of all innocent passer-by:

Lunch break in the city:

The Vietnamese version of “doner kebab”?

Not really :)

A shop offering classy containers to store and age your alcohol with various ingredients (reptiles, roots, etc)…I was tempted to by one for my own rakia and experiment with it back in Bansko :)

And a really nice flower shop – not for the poor, however…


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