Lost and found…

This morning I had an extensive breakfast with all variations of Asian stuff that I got tired again and went back to bed to sleep till nearly lunch :) What a pleasure!

Here is the stunning view from my room, by the way:

Alas, when I wanted to leave the hotel I noticed that my phone was missing, a dual SIM-card one with my BG card (and ALL my phone numbers) and my Vietnamese card (easily to be dismissed). I searched all my belongings – but it was definitely gone.

So I tried to call my mobile phone from the hotel phone – switched off! So, it was clear to me that I must have lost it yesterday evening, most likely in a taxi. The fact that it was turned off suggested that the driver or whoever had found the phone had decided to keep it and just exchanged the SIM-card. Shit!

But the hotel staff was very friendly – and the bell boy took me on his motorbike to a mobile phone shop with low local prices. Where I bought the same Nokia X1-01 that had gone missing for 980,000 Dong (74 Leva) – about the price I had paid for it in BG. Plus another 11 Leva for a new Vietnamese SIM card (including a lot of talking time).

To celebrate the quick and successful decision I went for an ice coffee to the coffee shop near my hotel where I had a few beers last night. After sipping on my coffee for a while, the three lovely ladies in their pyjamas (whose picture I posted yesterday) came to greet me – and one of them asked me if I was missing my telephone. And when she saw my big eyes they proudly presented me with my missing phone. And there was a lot of grinning and smiling from all sides :) We are all family now :)

I could not help but order a beer – and a little delicious snack

And am now back in my room, happy and relaxed – and somehow not in the mood to go out and have dinner.

In any case I should go to bed early as I am leaving at 6am for the Mekong delta. Maybe I won’t have internet for a few days…we will see…


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